Saturday, March 30, 2013

On Warmer Music's Travel Mix: Side B - Let's Get Out Of This Country

There are some songs that you read the title of, hear for the first time and say "there's a mix there." I remembering buying Rogue Wave's first album in fall 2007 (at B-Sides in Madison, WI I might add, one of my all-time favorite record stores) and having just such an experience. I was trudging across the Rock River on one of those disgusting November mornings that makes you question why anyone ever bothers and listening to Out Of The Shadow when "Postage Stamp World" started playing. Its dry acoustic guitar and warm production immediately made life seem a little more bearable. When Zack Rogue started singing about "this postage s-stamp world" and the pedal steel kicked in, I was in another place. Soon I would leave for a semester abroad and my Postage Stamp World Mix would be my companion the whole time, providing aural comfort and stability throughout my travels. When I'm ready for some platinum-grade nostalgia these days, I give it a spin.

Camera Obscura's "Let's Get Out Of This Country" is another song that was dying to be a mix from the second I heard it. Dreamy pop, more escapism, it was destined to soundtrack great travels, either mental or physical. Along with it, I threw together a little bit of globe trotting, from a Bob Dylan song about a country that no longer exists (and that he wrote on a bet) to one of Big Star's loveliest little throwaways to one of the best Jonathon Richman/Modern Lovers songs of all-time, even if it is an instrumental. Ted Leo & the boys make such powerful get-off-your ass and move music, they had to be in here twice as well. I hope you have as much fun in these songs as I did.

Download The Whole Mix As A .RAR
1. Let's Get Out Of This Country - Camera Obscura  Buy Let's Get Out Of This Country
2. Holiday - The Kinks  Buy Muswell Hillbillies
3. Mexico - Cake  Buy Prolonging The Magic
4. Flight To Spain - Waco Brothers & Billy Burch  Buy Great Chicago Fire
5. La Costa Brava - Ted Leo & the Pharmacists  Buy Living With The Living
6. Blues Run The Game [Jackson C. Frank] - Simon & Garfunkel  Buy The Sounds of Silence
7. A Free Man In Paris - Joni Mitchell  Buy Court and Spark
8. Paris, Tokyo - Lupe Fiasco  Buy The Cool
9. Discovering Japan - Graham Parker  Buy Squeezing Out The Sparks
10. Six Months In A Leaky Boat [Split Enz] - Ted Leo & the Pharmacists  Buy Sharkbite Sessions
11. The India Song - Big Star  Buy #1 Record
12. Thee Olde Tripe To Jerusalem - The Mekons  Buy OOOH! (Out Of Our Heads)
13. Egyptian Reggae - Jonathon Richman  Buy Surrender To Jonathon
14. A Place Called Africa - Junior Byles  Buy Jordan
15. Mozambique - Bob Dylan  Buy Desire
16. Home - David Bryne & Brian Eno  Buy Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

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